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Badlands National Park: The Ultimate Guide

It's safe to say that you can add this park to the list of landscapes that pack a punch. For reasons I don't fully understand, it didn't occur to me at any point that South Dakota would be home to Badlands National Park; given its arid desert climate, it strangely feels more fitting for a southwestern state than it does a midwestern state. I can't be the only one that thinks the idea of rattlesnakes and sparse water reservoirs in the midwest sounds crazy, right? Regardless of the park's location, Badlands National Park seriously deserves a spot on every nature enthusiast's list as an iconic and adventurous destination, fit for exploration of a landscape unlike pretty much anything else seen in the states.

5 Things You Should Know Before Travelling Abroad

Let's face it; we can't all be perfect all the time. But that certainly shouldn't stop us from living and learning, even if it's the hard way. That's exactly of how Sean and I felt during our first trip abroad together, and for many situations, even the careful research I did online didn't necessarily prepare us for every obstacle we would face, and while I know these things now, it sure would have been nice at that time! That's why present me is going to save all of the future yous, and prevent all of the future yous from being like past me... that makes sense right? If you're a meticulous travel planner and want to make sure you cross all of your T's and dot your I's, then keep reading to discover key things I wish I knew before travelling abroad.

Top 5 Upper Midwest Weekend Getaways

You ever feel like you need a vacation after just getting back from your last one? Yeah, me too. Sadly, most of us don't have a lifestyle that is conducive to taking off on a new adventure every week. I guess we'll all just have to settle for some weekend trips instead. Despite growing up in the Upper Midwest, most of my travelling was down south, not in the surrounding area. Since a drive down to Alabama isn't exactly weekend friendly from Wisconsin, I figured what better way to talk up my neck of the woods than to take a look at some awesome weekend getaways just for the "up nort'" folks like myself. Having been to all 5 of these locations on this list personally, I can attest that each one is a fantastic short trip worthy of booking up your weekend.

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Popular Travel Destinations

I could probably write a novel on all of the places I would go if money and time were no objects in my way. Unfortunately, I'm operating on a median dual income budget with limited PTO, which means I'll have to get a little more creative until I reach my money hill dreams. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing - I'll take a new and exciting adventure any way you slice it. That brings me to my latest research topic: Where can I get a taste of luxurious travelling at a fraction of the cost? I wanted to take scenery, locale, culture, and activities into account when researching this, and I believe that I have found 5 innovative alternatives to some of the priciest picks on offer. Maybe you're like me and you've got champagne taste on a water budget - if that sounds like you, check out my budget friendly suggestions for your next penny saver getaway.

South Dakota 2022: The Ultimate Guide

For starters, I want to thank all 7 of our subscribers for your patience while I took a brief break to readjust to daily life. I mainly spent that time mourning the fact that I had to leave Germany for Wisconsin, and transitioned to a different role at work within my organization. Despite being roughly 6 months later, I think it's time that we talk about our amazing fall trip to South Dakota. Much like our last couple of guides, I'll go over what we did, where we ate, and where we stayed. If you're sitting there thinking to yourself: "Why South Dakota?", then keep reading and you'll see exactly why South Dakota is an underrated gem of a state.

Packing a Checked Bag for Two: The Ultimate Guide

If you're reading this, that means we're en route to Germany right now! In preparation for Germany, we naturally had to pack our checked bag full of everything we might need: Clothes, shoes, toiletries, and some electronic accessories. All that being said, packing a suitcase isn't always the most straightforward task; what exactly do you need for clothes? how many shoes is too much? what size can my shampoo bottle be? All good questions you might ask yourself when staring into the soul of an empty suitcase. Today's post is going to cover all of the answers to these questions and more. If you need to pack a suitcase for two but don't know where start, keep reading to find out!

How To Prepare Your Home For Your Upcoming Vacation

Let's be real: No one actually wants to think about the every day, mundane activities of life before a vacation. You're ready to sit on a beach, catch an amazing view, or maybe brave the elements for an iconic hike. Your laundry and bathroom cleaning obligations aren't exactly at the top of your list when your priority is to relax. Fortunately, I have taken the time to put together a simple checklist to help your get your home in tip-top shape before you embark on your greatest adventure yet. We'll start with the basics: A simple bullet point list for those who want to just get right to it. For those who like a little more detail, keep reading to see exactly what you should do to get your home ready in time for you to hit the road.

Is It Worth It? Yeti Hopper M30 Soft Cooler

Yeti: A large hairy creature resembling a human or bear, said to live in the highest part of the Himalayas. Just kidding, we won't be talking about that kind of Yeti today. Instead, we're going to discuss the Yeti Hopper M30 Soft Cooler and answer the ultimate buyer's question: is this product really worth it?

The Official TravelBrakes Bucket List

In case you missed it: There's an app for everything. You might even know of a few; there's apps for games, online shopping, ordering groceries, there's even apps to organize your other apps. But what about list apps, or say, a bucket list app? I asked myself the same thing one night while doom scrolling on Pinterest and looking at all of the amazing adventures I want to save for later. After a few different search terms, I landed on Bucket, a listverse app with a light social media presence. The app is meant to harbor all of the cool things you want to do before you kick the proverbial bucket. As of right now, we are looking at a total of 70 buckets on our list, 6 of which have been completed. As this blog goes further along, I plan to revisit this post and check off all that we've done. Who knows, maybe one day every single item will end up scratched off, and maybe we'll add a few more along the way! *This post originally appeared 10/3/22 and has been updated.

Essential Tips and Tricks For Your Next Winter Hike

Hear me out: winter hiking is the best hiking. Think about it. You can layer up, it's less crowded, and you don't have the heat of the sun beating down on you by midday. I know this may be a polarizing subject, but I'm willing to make a case for this. Although hiking in the winter does present its own set of challenges, it's an ideal time of year to enjoy nature in peace without the crowds. In this post, we're going to talk about all the best ways to prepare for a beautiful winter hike, so that you can look - and feel - like you've go this.

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